Digital Twins and What it Means for the Next Generation

A Digital Twin is essentially the digital version of a physical asset; whether that means a person, place, service, system, etc. It’s the merging of both the physical and digital worlds to what is being coined today as the ‘phygital’. Edzo fundamentally creates Digital Twins of a company’s experts to train employees in the most…
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The Biggest Mistake Your Company is Making with AI

The biggest mistake companies do is that they do not put enough emphasis on training their salesforce to become experts on their products and services; they undervalue the importance of human contact to enhance their customers experiences. Therefore, retailers must not exclude the human contact factor when constructing their customer journey model. Edzo is here to help to transmit the best argument se présente auprès des assureurs du Crédit Agricole!

Shirine et Thibault ont présenté comment aide les conseillers clientèles à maitriser le discours prévoyance en utilisant l’expertise interne de l’entreprise.  Edzo amène l’information au bon moment afin d’assister le conseiller de vente!