A Digital Twin is essentially the digital version of a physical asset; whether that means a person, place, service, system, etc. It’s the merging of both the physical and digital worlds to what is being coined today as the ‘phygital’. Edzo fundamentally creates Digital Twins of a company’s experts to train employees in the most efficient ways possible.

Many people believe Digital Twinning is at the center of the newest technological revolution. What Digital Twinning does is it digitalises a person, product or service and uses the digital version to allow professionals to run simulations and attempt to predict some issues or problems that may rise so that they are able to plan accordingly. These digital versions are mostly used during the product development phase to allow professionals to run simulations. This digitalisation allows companies to make greater impact on product development, make available higher quality products and deliver improved client experiences. This process of physical modelling helps businesses and experts yield the most efficiency when building a new product or service.

Digital Twining is at the core of Edzo ’s proprietary technology; it digitalises the company’s expertise, memory and specialists so that the company not only holds their memory in a digital manner but also allows employees to access their expert’s skills at any given time. 

The digital version of the company’s expert is built to replicate their physical counterparts by acquiring all the information the expert already possesses to maximise productivity in the workforce and input it into Edzo’s Artificial intelligence technology that is able to mimic it. This way, employees that need their expert’s advice at any given time are able to access it. Edzo’s technology allows companies the chance to improve workforce efficiency and to have more liberty when it comes to employee training, product development and user engagement.

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