Customer experience journey

Mastering the customer experience journey is one of the most difficult tasks companies have to undertake today. The bigger the size of the company the more difficult the task is. In the past, improving a client’s relationship with a brand was fairly straightforward; train the salesforce that represent the faces of the company on how to engage with clients. However, with the spread of digitisation this has become more difficult than ever before. With the shift of the traditional sales model, many companies today are using software tools to try to understand their customers habits and journey’s better. Whether they choose to do this through profiling or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) their objective is to optimise their connection with their customers and provide them with great satisfaction.

Today, many artificial intelligence software’s are available in the market that allow companies the chance to offer their customers personalised recommendations on the e-commerce side of business. However, none of them target the absence of engagement between the salesperson and the customer at the point of sale. Clients will enter a shop already equipped with the information they need about a product they’re looking for or interested in thanks to online research, reviews, etc. This disconnection between salespeople and their customers causes a strain between the customer and brand. In todays model, there is barely any engagement between the customers and the salesforce, except on specific occasions where a specific product is out of stock or not on display.

Edzo helps companies deliver the right information to the right customer at the right time by training their salesforce through a Virtual Coach that acts as the company’s expert. Edzo, helps the salesforce attain suitable skills to help them become better equipped at engaging with customers in an effective way. 



Through immersive technology, Edzo adapts to every salesperson according to their different strengths and weaknesses to help them learn as efficiently as possible. In this manner, the salespeople will be able to connect and engage more with clients and improve their customers experience journey. Edzo helps prepare and train the salesforce to become better at delivering the right information to the right customer at the right time.

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